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    Venetian Blinds - A relatively inexpensive option, Aluminium Slimline Venetians, have a 25mm slat. There is a large range of colours to choose from. Venetian Blinds are ideal for wet areas in particular, but can be used anywhere within your home or office. There is a wand to tilt the slats and a cord to pull the blind up and down. These can be on either the left or right, or one on each side.

    Manufacturing Time: 8 Days
    Custom Made: Yes
    Warranty: 24 Months

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We currently offer aluminium venetian blinds and will soon offertimber venetian blinds with several colours to choose from.

Aluminium venetian blinds are often used in wet areas in the home, and in office buildings. There are over 20 colours to choose from. Timber venetian blindswill soon be a part of our range, and are traditionally used in bedrooms, lounge rooms and dining rooms. All colours are available in a smooth finish, while some are also offered in a textured finish.

One fantastic feature about venetian blinds is the level of control they allow you to have over how much light enters the home, and the level of privacy that you may want at any given time. All it takes is one simple pull of a cord or turn of a wand, to make this happen.

Venetian blinds also provide a low maintenance option. They are simple to clean with recommended cleaning methods being cloth (either wet or dry) or a duster, either manually or attached to a vacuum cleaner.

Venetian Blinds are relatively easy to install. All of our deliveries for any of our products come with detailed fitting instructions. All brackets, fittings and screws are provided. These can also be viewed on our website by clicking on the ‘how to install’ tab on the home page.

Venetian Blinds Melbourne is an evergreen market. Whilst based in Melbourne we look forward to providing venetian blinds online throughout all of Australia. 

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